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Meet Lee Stahley

Lee was born and raised here in the capital city of Ohio. He had two amazing parents who provided what they could, but like most middle class families in the United States, there was struggle and there was sacrifice. Lee has seen the difficult decisions have to be made, decisions that we all face unnecessarily.

Lee graduated high school from the Whitehall Yearling High School in 2011, attended Columbus State Community College, and then later attended Southern New Hampshire University. It was during this time Lee fell in love with optics and found his passion for providing the community with quality vision care. Lee has been in the optical industry for almost a decade now, receiving his national license and his state license. Lee is currently an instructor at The Ohio State University where he teaches up and coming Doctorate students the art of Opticianry.

Lee has served his community in many capacities. Lee served on City Council for the city of Whitehall, where he was able to increase the size of the police force and provide new funding and equipment to the officers, as well as implement new K-9 Units. Lee also introduced new systems to the citizens to report crime. His time on council was focused on the safety and security of the city. Lee hosted a women's self defense class's with the Franklin County Sheriffs Office. While increasing the department Lee also advocated and fought for additional training for officers, training that would help them and help keep the city safe.

Lee served on the Whitehall Community Celebration Association, where he helped plan and create events aimed at bringing Whitehall families together and creating a better sense of community in the city. 

Lee has been a proud representative of the republican party for many years, he has served on the county Central Committee, has gone through Republican Leadership training, and has got to work for many of the states leaders and representatives. Lee is a moderate republican, he is conservative where it counts, and moderate where it matters. 



Lees mission is simple, he wants to get into congress to restore the citizens of this district their voice back into the U.S. House of Representatives. For too long we have allowed individuals to claim to be our representative, while not having the best interest of their constituents in mind. We have allowed individuals to represent us who only want clout, or to advance their careers, or to push their own agendas. It's time to tell these individuals, it's time to move on!


For too long we have allowed our representatives in congress to treat their position as a country club. They don't go to D.C. to represent their district, they don't go to D.C. to fight for their constituents and they certainly don't put the American People first! If elected to congress, Lee will go to D.C. and fight for you! Lee sees the struggle that everyday Americans have to face, Lee sees how the astronomical inflation is effecting the lives of so many. Lee has a new vision for this district, a vision that finally gives the citizens of this district back their voice in congress! It's time to tell these career politicians, it's time to move on!

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